25 Seeds Aquatic Lotus (Mixed Colors) Water Lily Flower

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Easy to Germinate cut the hard shell off the end of the seed, becareful not to hurt the seed inside and place in water. Scarify the seeds by making a lateral incision across them with a file. Use the file to cut through the hard shell of the seed until you see the cream-colored endosperm through the incision. This will allow the seed to more readily absorb water, thereby promoting germination. Place the seeds in the plastic container and fill it with fresh water until they are completely covered. Keep the seeds in a well-lit area that is about 77 to 86 degrees F. It is important to change the water at least once a day, especially if it becomes cloudy. Look at your seeds after 48 hours. The hard shell should appear lumpy or wrinkled due to the absorption of water. Within 48 hours after that, you should notice a crack in the tip of each seed, with a small green shoot protruding from it. Over the next few days, this shoot will continue to grow and eventually unfold. Wait for the shoots of your seedlings to grow upward and form small leaves. At this point, the seedlings have matured enough to be planted.

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