50 UMBRELLA PALM TREE Papyrus Sedge Cyperus Involucratus Seeds

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BLOOM TIME: Spring HARDINESS ZONE: 8 - 12 / Houseplant . . . OTHER NAMES: Umbrella Plant / Umbrella Papyrus / Umbrella Sedge PLANT HEIGHT: 48 - 72" . . . PLANT SPACING: 18 - 24" LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade . . . SOIL / WATER: Any This enthusiastic grower has been reported to actually be hardy all the way down to zone 5. I've read many accounts of people growing them in ponds that completely froze over and came back or plants covered in 6" of snow that weren't even effected. In extremely cold conditions, the plant may die down or some of the fronds will typically turn brown. If this happens, you can just remove the brown fronds by cutting them off and the plant should regrow in the spring. It can of course be grown in pots and brought indoors over the winter months. This tolerant plant will grow in a variety of soils and seems to tolerate dryness or extreme moisture (under water) very well. Once established, they are very easy to divide or new plants can be grown from cuttings. To do this, simply cut off a small frond from the palm and put it in water. In an amazing 7-10 days, you should begin to see roots. Once the plant has taken root, just plant it in soil. This agreeable beauty will add a great tropical flair to your landscape!

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