ARTEM Self Plant Watering Spikes Auto Drippers Irrigation Devices Vacation Automatic Plants Water System with Adjustable Control Valve Switch Design for Houseplant, Gardenplant, Officeplant 3 Pack

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????Self-watering drippers are a simple and effective way to water plants during a holiday.Automatically keeps the soil of potted plants at optimum moisture levels. ????This is the perfect choice for watering any indoor plant or outdoor plant. It is perfect for those who travel and want to make sure their plants are properly watered. The large planter will require two or more plant fountains. ????The automatic gardening watering device is suitable for most of the beverage water bottles on the market with a diameter of 28mm-30mm. ????No tools are required for installation, No need drill or cut holes at bottom of the bottle. Just turn on the control valve and fixator, and place the fixator on the bottle, then turn the bottle upside down! No need to care about the water pressure. No leakage! ????Rotating the water valve can adjust different water outlet speeds. Loosen the governor to increase the water speed, and tighten the governor to reduce the water speed.

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