Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer from the Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource. Care for your fiddle leaf fig tree with a year supply of live indoor house plant nutrients. 8 liquid oz.

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Nurture foliage growth all year long

Ficus plants are quite finicky and need some very specific care if they are to survive and thrive. Our fiddle leaf fig tree plant food tends to the special nutritional needs of your indoor plants with its precise blend of calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. By supporting cell wall structure and deterring leaf drop, this nutrient-rich plant food strengthens stems and roots without burning your plants or causing brown spots.

The precise NPK ratio for your indoor tree

Your ficus plant needs food that is rich in nitrogen because it is sensitive to changes in environmental conditions. Our NPK 3-1-2 blend that includes calcium to encourage foliage growth. Our slow-release liquid provides a steady stream of these essential nutrients to help make them more tolerant of temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as low-light conditions and pests. By using our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food, you'll be rewarded with a strong fig tree that is a bold, beautiful accent piece in your home.

Organic and gentle enough for every watering

This natural formulation is easy to prepare, using 1 teaspoon per 2 cups of water. Safe enough for use every time you water your indoor fig tree, it contains no urea or chemicals that are harmful to your plant or that cause yellowing. Depending upon the size of your ficus lyrata plant, this 8 oz bottle contains enough plant food for a 6-month to 1-year supply.

Keep your indoor ficus tree full and flourishing. Add Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Organic Plant Food to your cart today.

Product Features

ORGANIC - Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is an organic fertilizer created specifically for fiddle leaf fig trees and plants. Safe and gentle so that you can use every time you water your plant. Dilute one teaspoon of plant food in two cups of water and feed every week. Each bottle is a six month to one year supply, depending on the size of your plant. FIDDLE LEAF FIG CARE - Our formula is fortified with calcium and the ideal N-P-K ratio for steady healthy growth in your fiddle leaf fig plant. Our NPK ratio is 3-1-2, which helps your plant grow healthy roots, stems, and leaves. Contains calcium for steady growth and is urea-free to avoid the risk of burning your plant. KEEP YOUR FIDDLE LEAF FIG PLANT HEALTHY - The benefits of using the right formula include: Healthy roots and strong growth, no risk of burning your plant, optimal nutrition to avoid brown spots or yellowing. SAFE AND GENTLE - Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is designed to be used every time you water without the risk of burning your plant. Contains no salt, urea, or other chemicals that can harm your fiddle leaf fig. Safe and effective for a healthy and happy plant!

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