Houseables Fruit Picker, Basket, Light Weight, 5-10 Feet, Telescoping Extension Pole, With Scissor Tool, Long Net Bag, For Orchard, Garden, Apple, Mango, Orange Lemon Citrus Tree, Harvest Plucker

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Manufacturer Description

Save time, money, exertion, and frustration -- without any fruit going to waste.

Picking fruit is a timeless and ageless activity that affords you the freshest tasting fruit possible without spending a fortune in the produce section of a grocery store or a farmer's market. The extra-long aluminum pole extends out to 8-feet in length so you can access even the highest hanging fruit with ease. As unique as it is useful, this portable tool performs triple duty thanks to the curved saw blade, pruning shears, and premium quality net bag that are all attached at the end of the pole

Works like a charm without damaging trees or the fruit itself

The two-buttoned thermoplastic polymer black trigger handle is comfortable to hold with either hand. Squeezing the trigger of the handle controls the pruning shears. The aluminum pole is lightweight and thin but certainly not cheap or flimsy. It glides through even the densest trees to cut down delicious fruit within mere moments. Once fruit is snipped or sawed off a branch, it will drop into the terylene net shoot and gently tumbles down to the bottom of the bag, where you can quickly empty it into a basket once full.

Suitable for all environments

Suitable for all environments -- orchards, farms, gardens, parks, your neighbor's yard, anywhere fruit grows in abundance. As opposed to pickers made from wood, the aluminum structure of this device won't wither or rot from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. Best of all, the picker quickly folds away when not in use for hassle-free storage. You needn't bother climbing trees and risking potential injury, for the sake of fresh fruit. Bring that fruit to you, without bruising or breaking the skin from it crash landing to the ground. The grab and pull action is gentle on all fruits, big or small, if it grows on a tree then it is well within your reach. Instructions included.

Product Features

BRING THE FRESHEST FRUIT HOME: The telescoping function of the lightweight but very sturdy aluminum pole extends out to 8 feet in length. Easy to control, this fruit picker maneuvers through the densest trees without catching on limbs or causing damage to the tree. THREE-IN-ONE FUNCTION: With a curved saw blade with 3-sided sharpened teeth, steel pruning shears (controlled by the handle), and extra-long net bag, you can cut down even the highest hanging fruit from trees without your feet ever leaving the ground. FRUIT DROPS DOWN INTO THE NETTING: Made from high quality terylene, the attached net bag measures over ten feet in length, with a surprisingly strong weight threshold, to hold plenty of fruit at a single time. SAVES TIME AND MONEY: Picking fruit is an excellent way to avoid spending a small fortune at grocery stores and farmer's markets. This versatile device gives you the freshest, ripest, most delicious fruit imaginable -- in any environment where fruit grows. 90-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We offer a No Hassle 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, within the three months, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you all your money.

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