Linden Seeds - Tilia Sibirica - 300 Seeds Pack

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Linden - a deciduous tree with a dark, longitudinally furrowed bark on older trees. Reaches 30 m (98 ft) height and 1 m (3.3 ft) trunk diameter and age 300 - 400 years. Usually lime is placed above all honey plants, as highlights excellent nectar and, moreover, in large numbers. One large lime tree gives the same bribe, how many hectares of buckwheat. In areas where there are plantations of pure lime, it creates a main bribes. Nectar productivity of this plant is very high. In a favorable season Linden secrete nectar quickly and intensely and there is no other honey plants that would stand out so much in such a short time. In medical practice used Linden flowers in the form of infusion as a diaphoretic for colds and as an antibacterial agent for oral rinse. In addition, Linden is one of the most important rocks for landscape gardening of settlements. Linden wood is soft, almost white, easy to be processed. Used for furniture, containers, plywood, crates, various crafts, joinery and lathe production. Lime can successfully be cultivated and produce fruit far beyond its natural range. It is able to adapt and grow in diverse soil conditions except waterlogged, saline and dry soils. However, it grows best on fresh, loose and relatively humus-rich soil, fresh loam and sandy loam type weakly podzolic grey and dark grey forest soils. Sowing the seeds of lime trees produce in the autumn. If you delay planting until spring seeds stratified. Unstratified seeds sprout only after a year. Furrow sowing is carried out at 7 in from one another and seeds are buried to a depth of 0.8 in. To one meter spend 100 - 150 seeds. Seedlings of lime at first delicate and in need of shading. In the second year they are transplanted to the school. Here young lime trees can, especially if repeated, to remain several years. Usually lindens put in place no earlier than three years of age. Some experts recommend Linden seeds to be stratified for 5 - 6 months for spring and autumn crops.

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