Silicone Cooking Gloves, Insulated Waterproof Gloves With Inner Protective Lining, Heat Resistant Grilling Oven Mitts Up To 480 F For Cooking, Baking, BBQ, Barbecue, Smoking, Non-slip Potholders

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Manufacturer Description

Turn your cooking time into the most relaxing time with confidence while wearing our silicone cooking gloves!

Confidently cooking with our heat resistant oven gloves! Our premium silicone gloves are dishwasher safe, help you be completely secure when picking up, holding or moving hot (even extremely hot) items.

Just stop your anxiety, boredom of cooking, baking, grilling, etc. with our multi-usage gloves! This most versatile kitchen tool can be flexibly used for cooking, baking, frying a turkey or even be a great help to support special food in the fireplace!

Firmly gripping cooking utensils thanks to the gloves' non-slip surface! With their strong resistance to extreme temperatures from -20F to 450F in line with the non-slip surface, you can effortlessly wear (and remove) the gloves for hours and still feel absolutely comfortable when moving food, cooking utensils.

One-size-fit-most silicone cooking gloves with the optimal dimension can fit well most hands. Just confidently and freely grab lobsters, corn, canning jars from boiling water with no splash burns.

Our unconditional money-back guarantee!?? If our bike floor pump isn't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply exchange or return it to us within 30 DAYS for A FULL REFUND.

Product Features

??MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY: These multi-purpose grill gloves with two mentioned linings are ideally used for indoor & outdoor cooking, baking, pot holding, barbeque, smoker grill handling, house cleaning and essential for camp chef-, fire pits-, camp stove burning stove-related activities. Namely, you can use it to stop the imbalance acts, move grills, charcoal grates, wood chips on your patio, transfer pork butts, roast in your smokers, move logs, cast iron on outdoor camp trips. ??IDEAL NON-SLIP GRIP: With ergonomic anti-slip silicone design, our gloves enable you to prevent unwanted accidents from slips, get safer movements of hot items, eliminate the dreaded drops, master your moving any meat, vegetable or pan in your kitchen, get a stronger five-finger grip to hold boiling water, transfer baking pans, rotisserie and pizza stones in the kitchen with both hands without worrying about slipping plates, hot pans or steamy ovens. ??HEAT PROTECTION: With an outer silicone glove and an inner heat-resistant cotton layer, the dual-layer silicone gloves are 100% premium grade, non-toxic, FDA compliant, BPA free, clean from dangerous chemicals, stain and odor resistant, heat resistant up to 480°F. So, you can be perfectly safe to handle hot, frozen foods, pick up, turn, pull or transfer any hot food from electronic, gas, charcoal burner to the counter and warming pans while still protecting hands from spills, burns. ??WATERPROOF AND FITS MOST HAND SIZES: Crafted with enhanced food-grade safe silicone and internal cotton-soft insulation lining, our gloves sized at 10.6 inches in length and 6 inches in width can fit most hand sizes, protect your fingers, hands all the way past your wrists, increase comfort, provide you with easy removals, prevent sweaty hands while handling hot meat, vegetables, organizing a freezer or icebox, adjusting radiators, water heaters or boiler knobs. ??100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: You must be 100% satisfied with any item you ever order from us. If it isn't every bit as fantastic as it is, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. No question asked.

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