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Manufacturer Description

Succulents are a popular and hardy houseplant. They are prized for their colorful nature, unique shape, and cute tiny size. They  can make an ornamental decoration in your home, classroom, office, living room, apartment, kitchen, bedroom or patio garden. You can also plant them in a terrarium with accessories such as pebbles, glass, or miniatures to make a creative DIY centerpiece. They can even be grown on your porch in the proper climate!

Plants for Pets Succulent Food is the best choice to help your succulent grow at a healthy rate!  Our mild formula is gentle enough to be used every time you water. While there are many other products on the market, our  3-1-2 NPK ratio makes this fertilizer a prime choice to help your succulent grow healthy and beautiful.

Live real plants are more appealing than fake artificial plastic or faux plants, and make excellent wedding favors, arrangements, hanging containers, and garden planters.

Succulent starter kits can make a great gift set idea for gardening enthusiasts, with succulent soil mix, cuttings or small plants, fertilizer, watering can and a succulent plant pot.

There are 3 key factors in the health of your house plant:

  1. Light: Succulents will thrive in bright sunlight, if you have a south facing window, this is the best place for your succulent plant.
  2. Water: You should water your succulent when the soil is completely dry (about every 1-2 weeks). If you water too often it may cause root rot. Planting your succulent in a ceramic pot with a drainage hole is also key. You can also place the planter pot inside a decorative container.
  3. Food: Your succulent needs nutrients to promote healthy growth. When properly diluted our fertilizer is gentle enough to be used every time you water.

How to use:

Add 1 teaspoon of our succulent fertilizer to 2 cups of water, and water your succulent about once a week for optimal growth.  If your pot does not have a drainage hole, be sure to water sparingly.

Product Features

FEED YOUR SUCCULENTS: Succulent planters need nutrients, in addition to light and water to promote healthy growth. Our fertilizer will also encourage your plant to bloom or flower! LONG-LASTING: Dilute one teaspoon of our liquid fertilizer with 2 cups of  water. An 8 oz bottle should last 6 months - 1 year. 3-1-2 NPK FERTILIZER RATIO:  This is the ideal ratio for healthy growth in your succulent. Our pure natural formula is designed to be gentle enough to use every time you water, with no risk of burning. RAW NUTRIENTS: Nitrogen (N) promotes growth of new leaves, Phosphorus (P) is a root stimulator, aiding in root growth and helping heal root rot, and Potassium (K) helps your succulent grow large and healthy. SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR SUCCULENTS:Help your mini echeveria grow from small cuttings into large, healthy plants! Can be used to feed: Cacti, echeveria, sempervivum, crassula, aeonium, haworthia, aloe, and many more!

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