Universal Spreader, 100 Lb. Capacity

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Product Features

Ideal for spreading seed, fertilizer, lime, ice melt, salt, and similar materials. Durable plastic hopper resists corrosion 100 lb capacity All welded steel frame. Designed for residential and light commercial use. 3-flap adjustable deflector controls spread pattern, while the rear deflector protects the operator's feet. 13" pneumatic tires. Plastic cover to protect materials from rain, wind, and other elements included.

Global Industrial Universal Spreader - An Incredible Product

The Global Industrial Universal Spreader is very easy to use for anyone who wants to expand the yield of their crop or produce more efficiently. There are many variations and they include electronic functions and the choice of home or business use. This revolutionary new application is perfect for an individual who likes the technology but is not familiar with the market where to use it.

The Global Industrial Universal Spreader is the equivalent of a giant plow, but instead of pushing the grain to the end of the field, it is merely pushing the seed to the end of the world. It is incredibly efficient as it can pull its own weight and push its own weight. It literally turns into a giant tractor. Those who are looking for a way to help them grow their crops, even if it is just in a small area or in the back yard, can now access an astounding productivity increase.

A farm that was once easily replicable with an efficient local harvester would be a nightmare to maintain. However, a machine like this can handle much more soil and grass, spreading the materials across the entire acreage. With a simple push of a button and pull of a lever, you can now reap a high yield of seeds in a shorter period of time.

Using satellite imagery as well as other tools, the Global Industrial Universal Spreader is able to account for different conditions, such as ground conditions, fertility, or weather. It even accounts for the size of the particular planting area. With an ability to understand thousands of variables in one operation, it can do all the work automatically without putting your hand in the dirt.

This product has a large variety of commercial crops and your choices are endless. To name a few, it has been used on tomato, eggplant, strawberries, corn, and many more. The applications for this product is limitless, and the results can be dramatic.

Companies can now serve their clients far better as they do not have to worry about hitting a frozen pole or being affected by dry roads and human settlements. In addition, there is less maintenance involved. There is also less required manpower to run this particular device. There is less mechanical power to run the device and the overall productivity of the operation is increased.

The Global Industrial Universal Spreader also makes it possible for a machine operator to focus his or her attention on other aspects of the operation. This device can simplify the process of keeping tabs on the different parts of the farm, while the machine operator focuses on growing the crops.

This is because the unit can keep track of everything in a way that is simply awesome. Everything from fertilizer levels to watering needs can be tracked, so there is a step-by-step guide for everyone. There is also less confusion with regards to the end results of the operations.

Using the electronic gage to see where the various inputs are, the system is really effective in the field. It can provide estimates and guidance on how to proceed. Also, the usage of the electronic age makes it possible for others to keep track of your overall operation so that they can stay in the loop and update you as needed.

If you are thinking about using the gage and wish to get help from someone knowledgeable about this type of equipment, a few options are available. One option is to hire a software engineer or someone who knows this system well to complete the task for you. Also, you may want to consider the internet and the information that are available to help you make your decision.

The Global Industrial Universal Spreader is truly the future of modern farming. You can choose to make your farming operation better, with less work and additional time saved.