VEVOR Greenhouse Portable Walk-in Hot Green House Tent 6′ x 4′ x 8′ Plant Garden




VEVOR Greenhouse Portable Walk-in Hot Green House Tent offers a unique, inspiring blend of convenience and functionality. With its portable, pop-up design, this walk-in greenhouse is an outdoor plant haven that can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled by one or two persons without any tools. It comes with an extra storage bag for easy transport and storage.

Clad in a durable PE canopy, the greenhouse is designed to withstand different weather conditions – it’s rainproof and sunproof in the summer and snow-proof and cold-proof in the winter. Double PE layers cater to the corners, boosting the wear-proof feature. The excellent transparency of the cover allows sunlight to penetrate, supporting the photosynthesis of plants.

The greenhouse incorporates two roll-up zipper doors and mesh windows, which offer not just easy access and excellent ventilation, but also bird-proofing. You can conveniently observe your plant growth through the windows. The portable greenhouse can be kept fully closed in adverse weather thanks to the Velcro strap on the window curtain.

Constructed with a powder-coated steel structure, the VEVOR walk-in greenhouse is sturdy and durable. It’s further equipped with wind ropes, tent pegs, and helical stakes for extra stability. The structure is ideal for plant gardening year-round and suits backyards, lawns, and other soft grounds.


Specification Detail
Dimensions 6′ X 4′ X 8′
Material Durable PE Canopy, Powder-coated steel structure
Closure Type Two Roll-up zipper doors
Design Portable Pop-up design
Ventilation Mesh windows for superior ventilation
Stability Comes with wind ropes, tent pegs, and helical stakes
Additional Items Storage bag, Plastic shovel

Why Choose the VEVOR Portable Walk-In Hot Greenhouse?

  1. Convenient Walk-In Design: The walk-in design makes it easy to navigate and tend to your plants, providing a comfortable gardening space.
  2. Versatile Growing Space: With ample dimensions, this greenhouse accommodates a variety of plants, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different gardening layouts.
  3. Durable and Reliable: Crafted with durability in mind, the sturdy frame and cover material ensure a reliable shelter for your plants, withstanding various weather conditions.
  4. Optimal Light Transmission: The cover material is designed to optimize light transmission, creating an environment where your plants receive the sunlight they need for healthy growth.
  5. Easy Access and Ventilation: The roll-up zippered door and built-in ventilation windows provide easy access and contribute to a well-aerated internal environment, essential for plant health.

The VEVOR Greenhouse is a perfect all-year gardening solution that delivers superior convenience, impeccable design, and colossal functionality. Provide your plants with the best care and protection with this meticulously crafted greenhouse.


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